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Wine I love - Waitrose

Updated: May 27, 2020

I love a good glass of wine and it’s usually my drink of choice when out with friends because I know exactly what to expect - it's straightforward, I have my favorites and I don’t have to worry about the bartender messing up a cocktail.

I kept seeing ads for Waitrose branded wine at Massy, and finally decided to give them a try a few weeks ago - because like most of us recently - I’ve been spending way more time at the grocery, thus discovering things I may have glanced over before.

I don’t know what took me so long to finally purchase, because clearly they’re a favorite - as I type this, the rose is sold out at my Massy location. I’ve been purchasing the Chilean Red which is a smooth Merlot blend and the Spanish Rose which is a light, crisp rose with a hint of spice.

I really like both of these, and the rose is especially good for these hot temperatures we’ve been having - it’s the perfect summer drink. I’ve been making a rose spritzer often and it’s my fave cocktail these days.

image via Pinterest

Rose Spritzer

Ingredients (for 1 serving)


Waitrose Rose

Sparkling water of your choice (I like the Perrier Grapefruit flavor - you can also do plain sparkling water or club soda)


Over ice, pour rose until halfway (for more accurate measurements I’d suggest 3 oz rose) and top with sparkling water. Stir/mix gently.

For a little something extra - add strawberries or a slice of lemon.

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