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Staple Piece I love - THE Zara Bodysuit

By now I’m sure you’ve probably seen this bodysuit everywhere. I first saw it on Instagram via Rosie Huntington-Whitely who we can thank for having some hand in popularizing this simple piece of clothing.

At just $19.90, my first purchase of this was in white as white is usually my go to when putting together outfits with jeans. I loved it so much I eventually ended up getting more.

Since then, Zara has come out with new colors, most of which quickly go out of stock because they’re that good - you can dress them up or down and the fabric really sucks you in perfectly, smoothing you out. It’s seamless and sleek, and runs pretty true to size.

The newest color option - a pretty baby blue.

The most recent colors for the summer edition of this bodysuit are a pretty baby blue and vibrant saffron, both of which continue to go in and out of stock constantly. There are a lot of YouTube reviews for this item, so if you’re still not convinced, that’s a good place to start.

I highly recommend this, as a great, basic wardrobe staple with limitless options for wear. If you search the #ZaraBodysuit hashtag on Instagram, there’s many outfit ideas and mini


Shop this item here:

Zara Halterneck Bodysuit - $19.90 USD

(Tip - I’ve noticed Zara has been randomly bringing out new color options so if this link doesn’t show you all the colors, you can always type in “Halterneck Bodysuit” in the search bar.)

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