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Local Love - A few new favorites

There’s no greater time than now to discover local products. I’ve always been a strong advocate for “Support Local” because we do have a myriad of amazing local vendors with great offerings to choose from.

Here are a few businesses and their products I’ve tried and loved over the past few months:

Meraki Catering Sorbet – Made by Chef Simmone Edwin, this sorbet is perfect for our unbearably hot days. She has a range of flavors to choose from; among them a delicious lime flavor and even a red wine option. I can also highly recommend the passionfruit mint. She does home delivery, which is even more convenient, especially in these times. Visit the Instagram page here for more details and even more of her options which include private catering, pastries and ice cream.

L’eau Pont Winery Mango Wine – I’ve written about L’eau Pont Winery before as I’m a big fan of their famous sorrel port, and once again they’ve delivered with their Mango wine. It’s the perfect balance of tart but not too sweet and is really great when served chilled. It's currently available at Bottlestop but feel free to check L'eau Pont's instagram page for more locations.

Essential Gourmet Meatballs and Gyoza – I love gyoza aka chicken dumplings so when I first saw these I was super excited I can have them and prepare right at home! You can steam them or do a pan fried option, and they are DELICIOUS. Additionally, the gourmet meatballs were also a really great buy. They’re already pre-cooked, so all you have to do is thaw and prepare however you like – pan seared or cooked with pasta sauce. You can order via their website here or via D Market Movers website here.

Goddess Refined Cosmetics Lip Scrub – A newer business, with the cutest packaging and really great customer service – which is always the icing on the cake. The visual appeal of the lip scrub is what sold me, to be honest, but I was pleasantly surprised that it gets the job done – your lips are smooth and soft after use. It also comes with a silicone brush so you don’t have to dip your fingers in the jar if you don’t want to. Visit their Instagram here to get yours!

Plantastic Events Balloons– So happy to feature this brand here as my experience with them has been so pleasant! Like everyone else who had to celebrate their birthday in lockdown, I was disappointed to say the least but still determined to make the best of it. What better way to celebrate than with pretty balloons? My friend recommended Plantastic and I took one glimpse at the brand’s Instagram page and was sold. From the most beautiful balloon garlands, to simpler balloon bouquets (which I chose) this brand really does a great job at giving you exactly what you want. I was so happy with my purchase and highly recommend them for any upcoming celebrations you may have. The ordering process was so smooth and I got my balloons delivered to me on time and in perfect condition! Visit their instagram here for a look at all their offerings.

They recently launched the cutest hot air balloon arrangement which I'm sure is going to be a hit!

I hope this list encourages you to support our local brands, especially right now during this trying time. I'm always excited to discover new local brands, so if you come across any great ones, please feel free to send them my way. Thank you for reading!

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