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Brands I Love - Sacha Cosmetics

Our very own local brand has quite a few standout items.

My first experience with Sacha Cosmetics was getting my makeup done at their Image Centre on Wrightson Road (please tell me y’all remember this!) for my 5th form graduation. Back then, it seemed like a rite of passage, almost everyone and their mother got their makeup done there and anytime you went to that image centre location you’d be sure to run into someone you knew. Sacha had a talented team of makeup artists so you always left looking amazing and really feelin’ yourself, lol. In those days, my products of choice were their compact powder and a clear lipgloss - how times have changed!

As a local brand, it’s good to see how internationally loved (especially in Latin America) Sacha is. They’ve truly kept operating at a standard I think should serve as motivation for local brands in the beauty space.

While I’ve upped my makeup routine from just lipgloss and powder, some of Sacha’s products are still in my rotation.

Here are my faves:

My top 5 Sacha Cosmetics Products

1. Buttercup powder - Their top selling and most recognisable product. Just go on YouTube and see how many people rave about this - specifically Jackie Aina and Makeup Shayla. Simply put, it’s amazing for brightening on darker complexions and doesn’t leave that awful flashback some other setting powders do. It also isn’t cakey and is so finely milled your skin looks airbrushed. I actually buy the compact version as it’s easier to manage, especially for travel.

2. Lip Velvets - So many colors to choose from! Another popular item, so popular that they keep raising the price but I digress.It’s a liquid lipstick but not as drying (as the name suggests - more of a velvety texture) that has immense staying power and is good quality for the price. My favorite colors are Life of the Party (a true red), I’m in the Nude (a pinkish brown nude) and Partner In Crime (chocolate brown).

3. Nail polishes - Let me tell you something, I am a true nail polish junkie. Up until a few years ago I probably owned close to 100 bottles of nail polish, most of which I recently threw out or gave away when I realised I was wearing the same 5-6 colors all the time, a far cry from my days of brighter, flashier colors. Doing my own manicures is a form of relaxation for me and back in the days when I wasn’t tired almost every day (ie. before adulting hit me hard), I was doing my manicures 2-3 x a week. All this is to say that I’m quite passionate about nail polish and Sacha’s nail polishes are quite up there in terms of quality. I reach for them as much as my Essie (my favorite brand) and Orly polishes so that says a lot. They don’t chip as easily, they dry quickly and are very pigmented so you can get away with just doing 2 coats. Seriously, if you’re not into the makeup items, get the polishes! My favorite colors are Barefoot in the Sand (a warm toned beige nude), Beach Bum (pinkish nude) and La La Land (dark metallic purple)

4. Mattifying Face Primer - I bought this once on a whim and was pleasantly surprised. It works pretty well in Trinidad’s heat and gives your skin a smooth canvas before makeup.

5. Blending Sponge - A newer product but truly a standout. My friend Naila (you can see her portfolio here) is a makeup artist and we speak about beauty a lot so when she got this and raved about it I had to get it myself to see what the fuss was about. It’s amazing, it doesn't suck up as much product as the beauty blender and blends my foundation like a dream. It’s also soft to the touch and feels really nice on my face. The black color is also a plus because it doesn’t look as grimey as my beauty blender after using it for a while. (yall know after a few uses the beauty blender or any of those other makeup sponges, even when washed/cleaned looks awful ok!)

So there you have it, my top 5 Sacha Cosmetics products, those that I can see myself using forevermore. Honorable mention also goes out to the Fix It Spray, which although I haven’t bought in a while, I can surely vouch for as a quality product.

You can get Sacha Cosmetics products at Pennwyise (except the makeup sponge which they don't carry for some reason), Image Centres Nationwide (this is the only place I was able to purchase the sponge) and Starlite Pharmacy. Internationally, you can shop online at

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