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Best of October

Does anyone else feel like October was particularly long this year or is it just me? As I was going through stuff to post for this month's favorites I found myself repeatedly asking "Wait, is this from this month or did I use this before?" I really felt like this month was some sort of time warp. That aside, October brought me quite a few discoveries I loved which I am even happier to share with you here.

Hustlers - I am probably the last person to go see this movie but that just means it was worth the wait! I went in not knowing what to expect honestly, I just saw that Cardi B (who I find hilarious) was in it, everyone was talking about Jlo’s body plus I remembered when the article that inspired the movie came out (read it here) it went viral and I read it quite a few times, even sharing it among some of my friends because it was quite the wild ride! I wanted a light funny watch and when browsing the movie schedule this was the most viable option.

From the soundtrack (serious nostalgia hit me especially when Usher made an appearance) to the storytelling it was really good and surpassed my expectations. I actually don’t mind watching it again.

image via IMDB

The Joker - Wow. Shook is an understatement. I am not the biggest comic book fan and went to see this just out of pure curiosity to see what everyone was talking about. (The reviews are quite mixed but it was the top grossing movie at the time I went.)

At quite a few moments during the movie I found myself holding my breath. I was equal parts intrigued, horrified and entertained. Joaquin Phoenix really gave this performance his all and it was a well done, interesting look at the background of one of the most well known villains of our time.

image via Netflix

The Politician - This Netflix Series had me hooked from episode one. The series revolves around Payton whose dream is to become the President of the United States and is preparing for this by firstly running for high school president. There’s a lot of twists and turns, comedy and drama that held my interest throughout. The supporting cast is also quite solid, with Gwyneth Palthrow playing his very bougie and out of touch yet sweet, supportive mother and Jessica Lange who is even more entertaining as another character's scheming grandmother.I used to religiously watch Glee and I feel like this series has filled that void, it’s by the same director - Ryan Murphy so that makes a lot of sense as he captures high school drama perfectly. Can’t wait for season 2.

Caribe Rose - Finally it’s available for purchase in Trinidad! I kept seeing teasers on social media and it was already available on other islands so I was really wondering when it will be our turn. I love Caribe and almost always leave Massy with the Pineapple flavored 6 pack so of course the impending arrival of the new rose flavor had me excited. It’s so good! Light, crisp and not overly sweet. I can see this edging out the pineapple as my favorite.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet - I got this perfume for my birthday last month and have been using it almost every day since. It’s a floral, fresh scent and not cloyingly sweet so it doesn’t overpower your senses. It’s perfect for everyday use, especially in the daytime.

McDonald’s App - I have my sister to thank (and blame) for this. One day she sent me a coupon for a nugget combo at $20 and then casually said “I got it on the app.” I had no idea such an app existed for Trinidad so of course I had to download to see what it was about. It shows you the different McDonald's locations and the amenities at each with special coupons that can save you a few dollars. My personal favorites are the Buy 1 get 1 Free coupon for the Reese’s Mc Flurry (at $24) and the 10 piece Mc Nugget combo for $20.

Creme of Nature Leave in Conditioner - I’m not very fussy with my hair and I also don’t use a lot of hair products apart from shampoo and conditioner, a hair treatment, (Olaplex) gel and serum.

I happened to glimpse this product as I was looking at conditioners and decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did because I really like it. I use it twice daily - in the morning when getting ready for work and at night before bed. It provides just enough moisture and shine without being greasy and also keeps frizz at bay. As an extra precaution you can also spray it in your hair before going to the beach or pool as saltwater and chlorine can dry out your hair. I took it with me on my most recent vacation for this reason and am happy to report it worked out well.

image via StarbucksTT's instagram

Honorable Mention: Starbucks Republic Day Commemorative Mug - I actually bought this as a gift but still thought I’d add it here. Reasonably priced at $120 TTD, it’s a lovely commemorative item for the coffee lover in your life or even as a souvenir.

And this brings us to the end of October's list. It was a long one, but we made it! Lol. Thank you for reading!

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