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Add this to your regimen - Collagen Powder

Since adding this to my daily routine, I've seen quite a few of the promised benefits.

Disclaimer - I am not a medical professional so practice good judgment, do your research and/or speak to a professional before you try any health supplement.

I first read about the benefits of collagen powder from one of my favorite bloggers, Helena over at Brooklyn Blonde a few years ago. I was very intrigued, as someone who loves to research just about anything under the sun, especially when it comes to health supplements and their supposed benefits. Collagen is a major part of tissues in our bodies, including muscles and joints and plays an important role in strengthening bones. It is also said to aid in general gut health. As we get older, our body’s collagen production depletes, usually around age 25, resulting in saggier skin, wrinkles and joint pain.

There are several ways to get collagen via food, consuming bone broth and even pork skin rank among the most direct ways. Preparing bone broth can be a timely process (and I don't eat pork) so hydrolyzed collagen in powder form is one of the quickest ways for direct consumption.

I usually do 1 -2 scoops in my morning coffee as my daily dosage. It dissolves almost immediately and gives the coffee some froth which is nice, seeing as I drink my coffee black most times or with just a bit of almond milk. Other people blend their collagen powder into their smoothies, scoop into their juice or even just have it plain with water. I’ve read that it takes a bit longer to dissolve in colder liquids so be aware of that, which is why I just stick to putting it in my hot coffee. There isn’t much of a taste, even though upon opening the can you may be hit by a somewhat meaty scent. It’s more tolerable than awful. Out of the 3 brands I’ve tried, the Great Lakes brand has the strongest scent.

Since incorporating a collagen powder into my routine a few years now I can honestly say I’ve experienced the benefits - stronger, faster growing nails that are less prone to breakage, my hair looks and feels healthier and my skin is more supple with less breakouts. Additionally, taken in conjunction with my probiotic, my digestive issues have gotten under control. Biotin may provide some of the benefits outlined here (re: skin and nails) but it also causes breakouts in some people so if that’s the case, then you can give collagen powder a shot. For vegetarians, there is the option of marine collagen, ie, collagen peptides derived from fish. Vital Proteins carries this marine collagen option.

You can get collagen powder on Amazon (Vital Proteins, Great Lakes and Neocell are all available), Trinidad GNC stores and PriceSmart Trinidad (Neocell Brand).

Thoughts? Have any of you tried collagen powder?

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